How To Style A Saree In 5 Different Ways?

Everyone adores sarees because they ooze elegance and class. We look for any opportunity to wear the stunning garment and why not? They are comfortable, airy, and undeniably sexy. They have been around for a very long time, and hold a very special place in our desi hearts.


While different geographical locations and cultures have different ways of draping their sarees, we can't help but fall in love with the sheer idea of donning the attire, come what style!


In this spirit of appreciation, we have compiled five different ways for you to wear your saree. Let’s go—

  1.  Belt Style Saree


You can wear your saree per usual with the addition of a detailed belt that fits just below or over the waist. This will lend a contemporary look to your saree-draping technique and provide an edgy flare.

Belts also aid in waist definition and give your body a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing appearance. 



You can also recreate the appearance of the Kamarband by wearing a metallic belt with ornaments around your waist. Remember to finish off your look with kohl-rimmed eyes and complementary accessories, and look like a gorgeous diva, à la the Bollywood actresses!

      2.Open Pallu Style Saree


This is one of the most popular ways to wear saris owing to its grace and simplicity. Highly stylish and comfortable, draping a saree with an open pallu can make for the perfect wear at glamorous events like a party, or birthday bash,much like Rekha Ji's drool-worthy Kanjeevaram appearances! 

You start by draping the saree in its basic form by creating the pleats to be tucked in your petticoat. Then pin one side of the pallu to your shoulder, without any pleats, giving it a flowy look. Style the look with traditional jewelry and you are done for the eve.

      3Pallu with Pants


This look is for you If you want to add some funk and a contemporary feel to your saree. Drape the saree around your pair of jeans and finish off your look with a blouse top. You can either pleat the pallu or leave it open or style it up even more by adding a belt. Pair the look with some light jewelry and high heels.

      4Butterfly Style Saree


If you adore Bollywood as much as we do, then you probably love this saree style too. It is hot, glamorous, and extremely attractive. The draping style is easy, all you have to do is pin the pallu at the shoulder and make thin pleats.


To get the best out of this look, choose silk sarees that will define the pleats and give the much desired butterfly effect. Pair your saree with a backless or a sleeveless blouse to up the glam quotient.

         5The Long-Train Pallu Saree


If you have a wedding or a special event to attend and you want to stand out and feel like a queen, then consider opting for a long trail pallu saree. The style is simple: the pallu, or the end of the saree, is let loose with a long train that trails behind the wearer.



Silk or other fine fabrics are ideal for this style since they are light and comfortable to carry throughout the day. Sarees with intricate borders also work very well.


With such versatility in styles and comfort of wear, women are increasingly wearing sarees not just for traditional events and functions, but also for business meetings and parties. And we stan this Saree revolution here at ZERESOUQ with our collection of exquisite sarees available in several designs, patterns, fabrics, and price range for you to choose from— and satiate your fashion fancies!

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