Exquisite Gowns That Are Perfect for Your Winter Wedding

A wedding, a one-day event is an occasion to plan for months and years in advance. The excitement on wedding days remains high, no matter whose special day it is, the aura around such occasions is almost the same.

 Dresses are one of the things that people invest the most time in during the wedding season. Here are some exquisite gowns that are suitable for your winter wedding to help you save time!


Lace Tulle and Satin Ball Gown

Wedding costumes with a formal touch are just the thing for many brides on their special day. While the intricate beading and embroidery work on the bodice give an overall stunning look on your special day, the flared-out skirt at the waist gives it a princess look. This dress is immaculate for any formal occasion and is sure to make the wearer stand out from the crowd.


Strapless Fitted Velvet Gown

Yes, it's cold outside, but let's keep things in perspective! In winter, velvets are ideal. The stunning strapless fitted velvet gown is an eye-catching way to stand out at your special event. The flattering strapless neckline and velvet material combination add subtle texture and an extra level of sophistication.


The beauty of the dress is its fit and how it feels on your body. It makes the wearer feel comfortable while still looking stylish. You can complete the look with some jewelry and a pair of sparkling heels.

High Neck Long Sleeve Embellished Gown

The high neck long sleeve embellished gown is ideal for almost all special events so no matter when your wedding date is, you can keep one in your closet. The high neckline and long sleeves of the dress make you look elegant and modest at the same time. The fitted bodice and embellished skirt flatter your body type, while adding glam to your look.


Sequin and Tulle Mermaid Gown

If you're looking for a sophisticated collection, look no further than a sequin and tulle mermaid gown. For an eye-catching, feminine, and lovely touch to the dress, no other dress comes close. The mermaid silhouette magnifies your curves, and this figure-hugging dress is exquisite. A necklace, earrings, and a matching clutch will make anything look just on point.


Embroidered Chiffon and Satin Gown

With any embroidered chiffon and satin gown, no matter how small or large the artwork is, each will look gorgeous. Chiffon is a stunning and elegant fabric that combines beautifully with luxurious satin embroidered with flowers and neatly beaded designs. You can give your dress a complete look with a scalloped hemline to complete your special day.


Illusion Neckline and Lace Sheath Gown

This is possibly the all-time classic that remains fashionable regardless of what’s trending in the fashion world. The beautiful illusion neckline and lace sheath gown are the perfect choices for bridal and bridesmaids. The illusion neckline adds a touch of allure, while the all-over lace sheath creates a delicate, feminine look. Stunning and ideal if you want to be the star of the event.


Allure Gown with fur coat

Here we have a classic and timeless wedding dress, and whether or not you need any accessories to complete your look is entirely up to you, but if it's chilly, you can wear a fur coat or scarf over it. Aside from enhancing your appearance, the skirt has delicate scalloped edging that also enhances your self-confidence. The neckline has a feminine sweetheart shape, and the silhouette has a full A-line shape.
January 09, 2023 — Anand Pamishetty

Top 10 Tips to Select the Best Designer Kurtas!

Kutas effortlessly make you look mesmerizing even when you are running late and here are the top 10 tips to follow to make sure you get the most pleasing designer kurtas to look stunning!


1. Style Yourself With Kurtas That Suit Your Body Type

When selecting a designer kurta, it is critical to consider your body type to flatter your looks and highlight your best features. For example, a middle-slit kurta will not suit a person with a round figure.

2. Put Your Preferences At The Top of Your List


Consider your style, comfort, and preferences when selecting a designer kurta or even a simple one. Do you like traditional or modern designs? Do you want something bold or subtle? Do you want it because you like it or because it is trendy and everyone else has it?


If you pay attention to such factors, then you will not find anything to wear in the wardrobe full of clothes!


3. Look for Quality and a Wide Range of Fabric

Look for fabrics that are of high quality and come in a variety of colors. Cotton, silk, and linen fabrics are more likely to be comfortable and breathable, and the texture of quality fabric looks great too. There are many fabrics such as Chiffon, Organza, Velvet, and Georgette that are striking when cut into designs, and require no accessories to enhance their beauty.

4. Try on different styles.

The continuous flow of different designs in the market keeps kurtas always on trend and having a pair of kurtas is a saviour for sudden occasions. So don’t be afraid to try a variety of styles. Kurtis of different designs that are trending on social media include asymmetrical Kurtis, tail Kurtis, Anarkalis, flared Kurtis, and Indo-western Kurtis.

5. Occasion and Season Matter

The truth is, there is no occasion for fashion, and fashion is always in season. What matters is the actual occasion and the season. A more formal event requires a more formal kurta and select lightweight fabrics for warmer months and heavier fabrics for colder months.

6. Pair Kurtas Correctly

To enhance a kurta, one must carefully and thoughtfully pair it according to the different types of kurtas in order to make it look stunning. Kurtas do fit over leggings, pants, jeans, or over a dupatta or shrug, but careful consideration and pairing are crucial. See whether you need some bangles or a watch, a light necklace, or heavy jewellery. Be mindful of the shoes you pair with your kurta, are they heels or flats? Keeping your footwear in mind creates the overall image, so how does your kurta look when paired with heels or flats?


7. Look for unique details

Recently, embroidery kurtas were in fashion, what do you think, what was the craze about? Embroidery, beading, and sequins can add a touch of elegance to your outfit and work as jewellery or accessory for the kurtas, you don’t have to add other elements to enhance the look.


9. Add accessories.

Add accessories that complete your look and pair right with the kurta such as a belt, scarf, or jewellery. You can put on a jacket too, creativity is the key and the sky's the limit. So add value to your style through accessories.  

10. Look for sales and deals

 Look for sales and deals when shopping for designer kurtas. You may be able to find great discounts on your favourite styles and different designer kurtas. Some various brands and websites offer lucrative deals and occasional sales and ZERESOUQ is the one-stop destination for them!

Zeresouq offers designer kurtas of different designs by various brands in a wide variety of fabrics, styles, prints and colours. Ethnic, printed, embroidery, asymmetrical or shrug kurtas, we have designs to cater to everyone’s style.

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7 Latest Saree Trends Every Woman Needs to Know in 2023

If the crown had to be in the form of cloth, then the sarees would have won the competition! This elegant attire is the heart of Indian culture and fashion, making it a vibrant and versatile trend across many countries. With its dynamic style, classic look, and sense of tradition, it appeals to millions in the world of fashion.


Despite taking up a considerable amount of space in women's wardrobes, sarees are asking women to expand their wardrobes to stay on top of the latest trends. Sarees are the choice of millions of women around and here are the 7 Latest Saree Trends that every woman needs to know and try out in 2023! Now without further ado, let’s roll out to sarees!


#1. Floral Prints Sarees


Floral prints are always in style, whether it's on a dress, a top, a bottom, or a Kurti. Floral prints can hardly go out of style, and sarees are no exception. Floral prints are "enthusiastic extrovert" designs that go with everything. Look for sarees in a variety of colours with delicate, intricate floral patterns and you are all set to take over the event with your style.


#2. Sequins and Embellishments Sarees


Sequins and other embellishments are a stylish way to give your saree a glamorous, modern edge. The collection ranges from simple to satiny. Get one saree with delicate embroidery, embellished borders, and sequined accents for a loyal appearance, and you'll be obsessed with getting more.


#3. Digital Prints


Digital prints are becoming increasingly popular in sarees and when does creativity fail to blossom? You can design your saree however you want. With bold, eye-catching patterns and prints, and dynamic color patterns, you can show off your creativity with your saree. In terms of style, digital prints are a great way to show off elegance elegantly or anything you desire based on your sense of fashion.


#4. Sheer Sarees

The sheer fabric of a saree enhances your curves while adding a touch of grace to your look. Sarees made of sheer fabrics, such as chiffon and Georgette, exude simplicity but in a classically stunning and stupendous manner.


#5. Ethnic Prints


 Look for sarees in a variety of colours with bold, vibrant prints and display your cultural pride. Zeresouq has a two-coloured tie-dye zari Saree that appears to be a work of art with colour on fabric. Lucknowi Chikan sarees, cotton linen sarees, leheriya sarees, pure cotton sarees, and so on, options are always on! On special occasions, you can put it on without having to worry about balancing work and looking glamorous.

#6. Fusion Sarees


Hybrid creations are a hit in all genres. If you want a fusion of traditional Indian saree elements with modern styles, fusion sarees are your saviour. Sarees that incorporate traditional Indian design elements with modern silhouettes and fabrics are never out of fashion. Designer Drape Saree, Gown Saree, Lehenga Saree, Pre-stitched Saree, Pant Saree, or Frill Sarees, the possibilities are endless!


#7. Layered or Ruffle Sarees


Layered ruffle sarees recently entered the spotlight, and since then, this creation has been adding a unique edge to women's looks. But be cautious when stepping out in ruffle sarees with multiple layers of fabric and intricate pleating because you can't escape people's attention if you wear it to a party.


You don't have to compromise your preferences when it comes to sarees because dynamic trends are filling up rooms for everyone's preferences.


ZERESOUQ has everything you need to fill your closet, and when it comes to sarees, the options are never out of stock! From classic collections to the latest on the market, you'll find something to suit your taste and style here. Try it out!








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Tips For Shopping Ethnic Wear Online!

Tips For Shopping Ethnic Wear Online!

So, there’s a special cultural event around the corner and you’re short on time. The idea of visiting a store and trying on different outfits has lost its charm, or maybe it is just too cumbersome for your busy lifestyle…


Whatever the reason, you just can’t find yourself walking to the nearest store for your latest ethnic buy!

 And while you find yourself fiddling with the idea of buying clothes online, the horror stories from your friends and family or your past experiences,  stop you short!

 Well then…what do you do? You keep reading our blog for tips to follow when buying ethnic wear online 😉

Let’s go—

  1. The occasion:
    Now now, a very important thing to consider when looking for ethnic wear online is– What are you buying the outfit for?

    Your cousin’s wedding? A small get-together? Maybe a pooja? What??

    This is because different occasions call for different outfits. A wedding means a saree or a lehenga, but nothing less. Okay, maybe a gown too, or a kurta if you aren't that close :P

    But you get the point— the occasion decides the outfit and not the other way around.

  2. Season of the year, time of day:

    A continuation of the previous point, you must be mindful of the time of the day and the year you're wearing your desired outfit. Ethnic wear can sometimes be super heavy, as is the case with certain lehengas, sarees and certain kurta types; or super breezy— it all depends upon the fabric they’ve been made with!

    Any additional work they’ve been incorporated with, can also weigh down your outfit or keep it light.  This would come in the form of embroidery or embellishments like Zari work on Silk clothes, or Gota work etc.

    For the uninitiated, fabrics like Cotton, Linen and Khadi work best for summer ethnic wear, while fabrics such as Mashru Silk, Banarasi, and Pashmina are best reserved for the cold months, i.e: NOW.

  3. Sale season:

    Stating the obvious here, but Sale Seasons really are the best time to make the purchase you’ve been eyeing. Nothing says frugal and earns brownie points with your desi parents more than buying things cheap-ish.

    Rule of thumb? Keep an eye out for EOSS, year-end sales, sales before a major festival, etc, and you should be able to save yourself some big bucks!

  4. Your size, fit, shape and color:

    While we strongly recommend exploring all kinds of clothes and styles to find what works for you, it is just as true that certain clothes, colors and cuts, fit you like a glove and make you stand out like a 🌟

    A little oxymoronic here, but only experimenting will let you know what works best for you!

    Like a shorter woman may drown in a floor-length Anarkali dress, but might look killer in a midi-length one! Similarly, certain colors may make one look dull, but some others just might make you go oo-la-la!

  5. The rates, ratings and reviews:

    Many times you’ll find the same or similar products available at different prices on different sites. Like any good juggadu Desi, we urge you to compare and contrast before hitting that buy button!

    Also, be mindful of the return policy, and the quality of the material. Not all cheap clothes are good quality, or bad for that matter. And not all expensive clothes are poor quality OR high quality either. It’s..a miny gamble, we won’t lie, but you have the option of checking reviews and ratings for that #extra security! 

Lastly, buy from a reputed site. We cannot stress this enough. Because a good site will have clothes that you can be sure of, in terms of...well everything!

They will host good brands that will not only ensure your style game is always on top, but will also have an easy returns/exchange policy. If you don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place, for we have the latest in ethnic wear for all your fashion fancies 😊

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What Should I Look For Before Buying A Kurta Online?

What Should I Look For Before Buying A Kurta Online?

So, you’ve been looking forward to expanding your Desi wardrobe and think to yourself, ‘Hmm. where do I begin?’. Then the answer dawns on you, you could just start with the wardrobe staple, the Kurtis!

Perfect for almost every other occasion, a good Kurti is a Desi girl’s fashion bestie. Before you scurry off to buy Kurtis online, here are tips you may want to consider to maximize your chances of slaying and get a great return on your money.

Here we go:


  • Trends:

    This is toh basic only. But we just want to reiterate this as our first point, lest the style goddess in you forgets. Okay then, trends.

    Everybody has a preference when it comes to their clothing. They may not know it, but they do.

    If you’re the kind who knows what you like, skip right over to the next point! If you aren’t, well we are here to open your mind to the fashion possibilities and get you experimenting with your clothing; starting with Kurtis!

    To know what’s trending you don't have to go to an app and create fancy-shmancy mood boards! No ma’am, you just have to keep an eye out for, well... what everyone around you is wearing. To help you get started here are some of the trending styles right now:

    Long Kurtis, Chikankari, Anarkali, Angarakha, Kurtis with mirror work, strappy tops etc.
  • Fitting:

    When was the last time you measured yourself? No really, when was the last time you took some time out to see where and how your body has changed—or not— because you might be surprised by you what you’ll find.

    This isn’t us body-shaming anyone, rather this is us informing our readers that things such as a toned and untoned body exist. And though you may remain the same weight, your physique and shape can drastically change what would look good on you and feel comfortable for you. So factor all these things in when shopping for clothes online.

    There’s also the thing of certain clothes being fit to perfection, while others allow for more room. Case in point, a pregnant woman may still be able to wear an Anarkali as a non-pregnant woman, owing to the gher of the clothing.
  • Price & Discount:

    A good buy is all about balance! If you are buying something for everyday and casual wear, it may not be in your best interest to splurge; unless you got the big monies and want to. But we know as good Desis that splurging is best reserved for a one-off purchase or a special event.

    Most websites host the same or similar styles, with brands in the same price range, so you can compare and find out what is more important for you. A decent buy at a reasonable price, or a luxurious buy, at a costly price.

    Pro tip: look out for discounts and sales. Regardless of who you are and how much you make, everyone loves a little ✨ discount ✨
  • Fabric:

    Cotton is the best, yes. But there are fabrics too that need your love, oooor that you could look great in. Again, if you have a preference, then great. If you don’t, what’s the harm in exploring?

    Ethnic clothing originally came in organic fabrics like silk, khadi etc, but it also looks excellent in rayon, nylon, cotton mix etc.

    After you’ve decided upon your fabric of choice, think if you want a Kurti that’s unstitched, semi-stitched or readymade.
  • Return policy:

    This is your last step to a happy online Kurti shopping experience. Although ideally, you may not have to return things if you were mindful of the points above, it is human to change your mind and decide to return or exchange a product.

    In such case, it will do you good to have a) read the return policy of the website you are ordering from online or b) purchase from a reputable site where the chances of good returns policies are high. But— we still recommend you read the policy nevertheless and save yourself from the hassle of back and forth.

Lastly, if you are looking for a good place to get started, you are already there! Here.

November 16, 2022 — Karthik Baggam
Indian Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Indian Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

So, you've been invited to a wedding. An Indian wedding. But you don’t quite know what to wear because between knowing where you stand with the invitee and what event you are attending, it can get confusing to know which apparel is the most appropriate!

Worry not, we are here to help you with just that. Let’s begin!

As stated above, you want to select your outfit based on:

✔ Your closeness to the invitee
✔ The ceremony
✔ The time of the day

This may seem like a very methodological approach, but you’ll understand in a bit, just why: Here’s the thing, your closeness to the invitee determines how much you want to (and should) dress up or dress down, and therein, splurge 😋

The ceremony heavily affects your pick because there are activities that you can and can’t do depending on the outfit — so the choice has to be wise.

And lastly, the time of the day calls for the variance in color or embellishments. Pastels and lighter tones are best reserved for the day, while the reverse is said to work better for the nights!

To make your outfit selection process easier here are our top picks of what can be worn to Desi weddings as a guest:
  1. Lehenga for wedding:

    If you are invited to a Desi Wedding, i.e. the main event, a Lehenga should be your first choice, followed by closely by a Saree.

    This is because Lehengas have a sense of opulence and charm, and are the desi answers to a ball gown!

    Wear yours with the right hairdo, dupatta, and accessories, and you’ll be sure to shine bright at the wedding.

  2. Sarees:

    We lied. This garb too can be your number-one choice if you are a sucker for timeless elegance and #desi representation. And if you know your way around one 😋

    There are so many new saree styles and prints now in the market that you can explore to see what works for you most! Saree works beautifully for morning events as well as evening parties, just keep a few safety pins handy.

  3. Dresses:

    If you the desis you want to impress, then desi dresses you must wear!

    This crossover of a (largely) western wear silhouette with ethnic prints and designs works quite well for breezy events like the Sangeet party or Mehendi ceremony, where comfort is just as important as serving looks.

    Knee-length, off-shoulder, A-line, and Maxi dresses are some of the styles you can consider experimenting with.

  4. Kurtis:

    A wardrobe staple for every desi woman, Kurtis serves function and fashion, both!

    When worn in dressier styles like Anarkali and Angrakha or intricate designs and patterns like Chikankari or heavy embroidery, Kurtis can work wonders to help you slay any of the aforementioned ‘lighter’ events.

    What’s left is completing your look with the right accessories and wowing everyone!

  5. Kurta Sets:

    Complement your Kurti with the correct ethnic bottom wear of your liking and watch your look come together beautifully. Whether with a pair of leggings, palazzos, straight-fit trousers, salwar, sharara pants, or dhoti pants; Kurtis paired well with the right bottom wear and dupatta win major fashion points!

    Though ideally reserved for lighter events, you can also opt for a pretty embroidered or embellished suit set for relations not so close.

That’s all! This round-up should help you give ideas about how to dress up for the Indian wedding you’re invited to. And for more inspiration, you can check out our ethnic collection! 😊
October 27, 2022 — Karthik Baggam

Designer Sarees ~ An Essential Part Of Every Womans Wardrobe!

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, what is a common love for desis; besides cricket, a love for spicy food and cinema; are sarees!!

It is a cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation. And for a lucky few, with accompanying accessories.

For a country as culturally rich and as vast as India, of course, the saree variety has to be diverse. Some are popular, some not so much. This is why today, we bring to you some of the relatively unknown sarees from the country:

  • Kosa Silk Sarees from Chattisgarh:

    Made from the silk of the Indian silkworm, Antheraea mylitta, Kosa silk sarees are a specialty of Chattisgarh. The silk is made in huge quantities in the cities of Korba and Champa and gets exported worldwide!

    What makes these sarees stand out is the silk, of course! It is pure, soft, and durable.

    Highly popular among Indian women, the silk comes with a unique golden-brown texture, which is considered a special trait. Being made of silk means that fabric care and maintenance are a must for the saree. But it might be worth your time considering how elegant it makes one look with minimum effort. 
  • Patan Patola Sarees:

    Here’s another gem from the state of Gujrat. Living under the shadows of its popular sister, Bandhani, is the Patan Patola saree.

    The saree originates from the Patan region of Gujrat, made by the Salvi community who migrated from Jalna, Maharashtra, at the request of Raja Kumarpal.

    Over time, Patola saris have acquired a status symbol among Gujarati women and girls alike; being getting regarded as stridhan. And we can see why because the sarees come in exquisitely designed woven patterns with intricate motifs of parrots, flowers, elephants, dancing figures, and more! Any woman would indeed be adding to her wardrobe with a saree like this. 
  • Phulkari Saree From Punjab:

    Punjab’s folk embroidery, Phulkari, gets translated into beautiful sarees in intricate patterns. These come in florals, motifs, and geometrical shapes.

    The vibrant spirit of the state shines through in the extensive detailing of the Phulkari saree, crafted through darn stitches on the coarse side of the cotton, and made available in saturated colors. Balle Balle vibes indeed! 
  • Muga Sarees from Assam:

    Produced in Assam, the Muga silk sarees are lovely garb with a glossy sheen and durable silk. With a natural golden-ish tint, the saree is a treat for the eyes.

    It is naturally a go-to attire for weddings and other auspicious occasions. Muga’s shine is said to improve with every wash, one of the costliest silks, making it a timeless piece of clothing. The best way to know though is by making a purchase and seeing for yourself 😋
  • Madhubani from Madhya Pradesh:

    Derived from Madhubani Art, Madhubani sarees come from Madhya Pradesh, depicting the folk art of tribal artists.

    Long popular for painting, we now find the art in the form of sarees designed in the motifs of the moon, sun, peacocks, trees, parrots, turtles, etc,  portrayed through miniature paintings.  
  • Pochampally Saree from Telangana:

    Originating from Telangana, Pochampally Sarees are crafted with nuanced motifs and geometric patterns.

    These sarees are made in the special Ikat dyeing style to get the effect of distinct “Chowra” patterns which look like waves of diffused squares and diamonds. These sarees look highly artsy, regardless of the fabric they are weaved in, whether in cotton or silk.

    With multicolored patterns and interesting motifs, the saree will have you looking like the perfect amount of desi that, that can be offset with modernity with the help of your accessories and hairdos! Mix and match as you please— Pochampally is all about variety! 

That’s all! If we have set you off yearning for a beautiful saree, don’t worry we also have the solution for you. Check out ZERESOUQ's online store for the latest and trendiest sarees in UAE.

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Trendiest Ethnic Wear To Slay Your Diwali Looks

With Ganpati gone and Navratri right around the corner, the festival of lights, Diwali, too, is fast approaching! Like any good desi, it’s time to immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy the festival to its fullest!

While cleaning up and beautifying your houses is one aspect of the festival, Diwali also ushers you to refresh your wardrobe, as you get ready to welcome the new year. This means shopping for the latest and trendiest ethnic wear well in time so that you can serve the much-needed #lewks

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Strappy Kurtas

This is Indo-western wear at its finest. The strappy simpering camisole meets traditional demure Kurtis to make strappy kurtas that ooze so much glamor and pizzazz! You’ll be sure to turn up the heat when you arrive in this number.

Available in the choicest of fabrics and prints, with shiny embellishment and delicate threadwork such as Chikankari, you can see why this is at the top of our glam Diwali Look book!


2. Mirrorwork Crop Tops

Mirror-work looks good in any kind of ethnic wear. So when you marry this design style with the uber crop-tops, you get a super chic look, that’s a surefire way of slaying’

What’s more, crop tops look amazing when paired with palazzo pants or long skirts. You can add a scarf or a dupatta, to keep the traditional quotient high and tie the whole outfit together ;)

Depending on your taste and which kind of bottom wear you're styling the crop top with, you can choose for heavy or light mirror work.


3. Embellished Blouse With Plain Saree

While the general practice has been to beautify the largest piece of clothing in your outfit and complement it with a plain smaller item, the switch works just as beautifully, if not more!

We are, of course, talking about donning an embellished blouse with a statement plain saree.

Popularized by actresses and influencers, this banger of an outfit works well on all body types and can be used to emphasize your body shape just the way you’d like. Deep backs, back-ties, and bralette blouses are some of the styles you can experiment with further to amp up your look.


4. Ruffled Saree

Make heads turn as you walk into a room wearing the jazzy ruffled saree. This particular saree style has an inherent funk which you can further boost by pairing it with statement diamond or pearl pieces.

If you don’t want to call too much attention your way, you can always wear a saree with a ruffled pallu instead. This will hit that right balance between luxury and simplicity.

To understate things even further, you can opt for a ruffled blouse. Pair it with a minimally decorated saree and serve looks nonetheless!


5. Classic Sharara Dress

A desi festival favorite, this ensemble has a special place in our hearts. We’ve grown up watching our favorite actress don this outfit and waited for the day when we could get our hands on the Sharara of our choice.

So don the classic outfit, and bedazzle everyone while you await the Goddess of Wealth, looking no less a goddess yourself.

6. Anarkali

Our love for this garb knows no limit. Countless dream sequences have been imagined in the attire, which has held women’s affirmation captive since time immemorial.

A legacy of the Mughal empire, Anarkalis make for a knock-out look with its exquisite detailing and royal panache. Do consider this as your wardrobe piece-de-resistance for the festivities.

That’s it. Take your pick from our list above, or let your imagination run wild as you conjure up the perfect outfit for yourself. Whatever your choice, we are always at your service.

October 01, 2022 — Karthik Baggam

Best Travel Outfit Ideas


So, you have a dream destination in mind. You’ve blocked your dates and booked your tickets. What’s next? Picking your clothes and packing your bags, of course!


While you rummage through your closet and frantically shop stores looking for your perfect travel outfits, you may want to pause and slow down. Because the answers to your fashion queries might be closer than you’d think.


Unless you were living under the proverbial rock, you have witnessed (and participated in) the Indo-western fusion-wear boom in the past two decades, becoming a legitimate genre of its own.


And understandably so, with its fashion-meets-comfort standout feature, one can see why ethno-western fusion-wear is much loved by B'wood divas and commoners alike.


Their airiness, breathable fabrics, and comfy fit are what make any heart sing! This versatility is precisely what makes these clothes a great travel option.


Still not convinced? Read on!


  1. Long skirts


There’s a reason why you couldn't take your eyes off Kajol in Dilwale, and it has nothing to do with SRK. As much as loved seeing the golden duo on the big screen, it was Kajol’s impeccable style that bowled us over. Her long and enviable skirt-tunic combos were truly a thing of beauty!


You can recreate her look by wearing a long skirt, with any tunic/ shirt of your choice. Pair things right by playing with the right colors:  A white or black top goes really well with a multi-colored skirt. At the same time, matching any color from your skirt with the top of the same color also works wonders. If your skirt isn’t multi-colored, you can use a contrasting palette to make your outfit pop.



  1. Angarakha


Angarakha conjures up the image of mustached Rajasthani men, standing beside a duty-bound camel. While that may have been the case in the past, modern-day Angarakhas are a work of art, with embroidered dainty kameez complete with two flaps that are tied together by threads or loops.


Their breezy fit makes them ideal for hot and humid weather. But you can layer them up just the same, with traditional shrugs, in case it gets windy/cold.


Long Maxi dresses and Anarkali Kurtis, also work in a similar fashion, by offering the same function and form as the Angarakha.



  1. Palazzos with tees or Kurtis

 Palazzos took the desi fashion world by storm a few years ago.

 Ideally paired with long or short Kurtis, the bottom wear works just as beautifully with solid colored shirts for when you are traveling and need comfortable garb. Lounge, stretch, or run, the comfy bottom wear provides it all.



  1. Dhoti pants with long/short kurtas


An offshoot of the previous point is yet another comfy bottom wear— the dhoti pants!


What may’ve been odd for a woman to wear a few years ago is now considered a fashion fact: Dhoti pants are oh-so-comfortable and a must exploration for travel wear (if not a must-have).


For inspiration, think of Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met, or Shraddha Kapoor in Ek Villain.




  1. Ethnic Shrugs


Shrugs are a super convenient way of taking up your outfit a notch. Available in different lengths, colors, and patterns, this cross-over of the desi jacket with a western silhouette makes for an interesting, fun look when traveling.


Not only do they offer sun protection during the day, but make for an excellent layering option at the night, making this ethno-western wear a necessary travel buddy!



We can’t end the blog without talking about the highly versatile wardrobe staple- the Kurti. Seeing how this clothing type comes in many different forms, we will let you decide for yourself what your choice would be when traveling. You can begin by having a look at our collection here :)
September 30, 2022 — Karthik Baggam

What Are The Different Types Of Kurtis For Women?

wear Kurtis for just about any occasion with the right, matching accessories. We believe a woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without some cotton, floral printed, Chikankari, silk, or Anarkali Kurtis in it.  Why? Because these work great at parties, festivals, offices, and colleges, and even for casual outings with friends!


Now that you know how versatile they can be, we have made a list of some specific Kurti styles for you to amp up your wardrobe:


  1. Monochrome Suit Sets


Monochrome means one color. You're wearing a monochrome if every piece of your outfit is of the same color or, a variation in the tint and shade, of the same color. We've been seeing a rise in this fashion for quite some time, due to how attractive it is to the eye and how effortlessly chic it appears. You generally have a free hand when styling a monochrome look, as long as all the pieces of the attire are of the same color.  For a Kurti look, consider wearing a tight, fitted bottom with a long, billowy upper.

        2. Casual Kurtis

 Add a fun desi touch to your wardrobe with casual daily-wear Kurtis! Pair these with the right accessories and hairstyle to either turn things up or keep them understated, as per your preference. Either way, you’d be looking good when you style your kurta from the plethora of trending bottom wears in the market such as leggings, palazzos, culottes, jeans, etc.



       3.Anarkali Kurtis

 Anarkali Kurtis have that classic ethereal vibe to them, making them a timeless outfit to wear. This garb,  which is crafted from fabrics like cambric, cotton, silk, or georgette, offers style and comfort in the same beat. Designed in comfortable and breathable fabric this particular style is suitable for daily wear as well as family functions.



        4.Party-wear Kurtis

 In recent years we have seen a surge in the popularity of Kaftan style Kurtis, which are a type of loose, flowy tunics, worn traditionally in middle eastern parts of the world. Today Kaftan can be purchased as designerwear, which is usually made from lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or silk, which makes them perfect for warm weather. They look best when worn for a casual look, but can be killer at parties as well. Women of all ages and body types can carry Kaftans and look fabulous.


      5. Long Kurtis


They are often made of a light, airy fabric and are full-length, falling anywhere from the mid-calf to the ankle. Long Kurtis can be worn for any occasion, both formal and informal.

These too can be dressed up or down, depending on how you want to style them. To keep it simple, pair your Kurti with a pair of leggings or jeggings and some flats. Or, dress it up with a pair of heels and some statement jewelry.


We’d like to conclude by saying that Kurtis are a fuss-free fashion must-have for every desi wardrobe! They make for ideal clothing across seasons, by being available in breathable fabrics for summers, and offering much-needed coverage in winters.


This practical aspect, coupled with their ability to make you look fashionable while keeping you comfortable is what makes Kurtis so indispensable. Whether you plan to buy a kurta for work or a weekend of happy hours, this wardrobe item will make sure that you always arrive in style. You can get all of these aforementioned styles in one place, at the ZERESOUQ online store.
September 05, 2022 — Karthik Baggam

How To Style A Saree In 5 Different Ways?

Everyone adores sarees because they ooze elegance and class. We look for any opportunity to wear the stunning garment and why not? They are comfortable, airy, and undeniably sexy. They have been around for a very long time, and hold a very special place in our desi hearts.


While different geographical locations and cultures have different ways of draping their sarees, we can't help but fall in love with the sheer idea of donning the attire, come what style!


In this spirit of appreciation, we have compiled five different ways for you to wear your saree. Let’s go—

  1.  Belt Style Saree


You can wear your saree per usual with the addition of a detailed belt that fits just below or over the waist. This will lend a contemporary look to your saree-draping technique and provide an edgy flare.

Belts also aid in waist definition and give your body a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing appearance. 



You can also recreate the appearance of the Kamarband by wearing a metallic belt with ornaments around your waist. Remember to finish off your look with kohl-rimmed eyes and complementary accessories, and look like a gorgeous diva, à la the Bollywood actresses!

      2.Open Pallu Style Saree


This is one of the most popular ways to wear saris owing to its grace and simplicity. Highly stylish and comfortable, draping a saree with an open pallu can make for the perfect wear at glamorous events like a party, or birthday bash,much like Rekha Ji's drool-worthy Kanjeevaram appearances! 

You start by draping the saree in its basic form by creating the pleats to be tucked in your petticoat. Then pin one side of the pallu to your shoulder, without any pleats, giving it a flowy look. Style the look with traditional jewelry and you are done for the eve.

      3Pallu with Pants


This look is for you If you want to add some funk and a contemporary feel to your saree. Drape the saree around your pair of jeans and finish off your look with a blouse top. You can either pleat the pallu or leave it open or style it up even more by adding a belt. Pair the look with some light jewelry and high heels.

      4Butterfly Style Saree


If you adore Bollywood as much as we do, then you probably love this saree style too. It is hot, glamorous, and extremely attractive. The draping style is easy, all you have to do is pin the pallu at the shoulder and make thin pleats.


To get the best out of this look, choose silk sarees that will define the pleats and give the much desired butterfly effect. Pair your saree with a backless or a sleeveless blouse to up the glam quotient.

         5The Long-Train Pallu Saree


If you have a wedding or a special event to attend and you want to stand out and feel like a queen, then consider opting for a long trail pallu saree. The style is simple: the pallu, or the end of the saree, is let loose with a long train that trails behind the wearer.



Silk or other fine fabrics are ideal for this style since they are light and comfortable to carry throughout the day. Sarees with intricate borders also work very well.


With such versatility in styles and comfort of wear, women are increasingly wearing sarees not just for traditional events and functions, but also for business meetings and parties. And we stan this Saree revolution here at ZERESOUQ with our collection of exquisite sarees available in several designs, patterns, fabrics, and price range for you to choose from— and satiate your fashion fancies!
September 05, 2022 — Karthik Baggam

Is Ethnic Dressing More Appealing Than Western Dressing

Indian wear has for long been recognized and adored for its grace, magnificence, and versatility. It has evolved through the years, to become a fashion necessity in our wardrobes. But that wasn’t always the case.
There was a time when Ethnic wear suffered a setback, almost a backlash, at the behest of western wear. Call it globalization or Kardashanization, ethnic wear had to retreat to the closet for not being considered chic and modern enough to be worn out in public.
Desi fashionistas around the globe mourned this defeat but had to stick to what was considered hip and cool at the time. You know what time— the early 2000’s to mid-2010s. Yikes.
All of this changed again when the fashion gods decided to show ethnic wear some mercy and blessed us with some immensely talented and creative ethnic-wear designers!
With designers like Sabyasachi and Masaba reviving old craftsmanship and blending the latest fashion from around the world with ethnic wear, an entirely new genre of fusion couture was birthed, wowing the Desis and taking the global fashion scene by storm.

With so much good ethnic fashion coming our way, we’ve decided to take a moment and appreciate just what makes ethnic wear so alluring to us:

  1. They have the most flattering figure-defining silhouettes
There’s a reason why Raveena Tandon dancing to Tip Tip Barsa Paani burns such a bright image in everyone’s mind. It is the neatly-drapped bright yellow saree!
But here’s the thing, being able to define ones figure, isn’t a saree-only feature. Across ethnic wear, you’ll find this quality of clothes being able to enhance the natural curves of your body, giving you unparalleled class and glamour, without looking tacky.
This is also supplemented by the fabrics such as cotton, fluid silk, or tissue silk, which are generally used to create Indian dresses that hit the right spot of looking beautiful, without being over-the-top.
  1. They suit all body types
While on one hand, you have clothes like the Saree that can hug your figure just right, ethnic wear also boasts of a variety of fashion like Kurtas and Palazzos that can be availed by women of all shapes and sizes. Ethnic wear has plenty of room for the generally curvier and voluminous Desi women, making it a very inclusive and body-positive clothing option.
  1. They are suitable for nearly all occasions
Ethnic wear is all-encompassing not just by being available to people of all sizes, but by being suitable for nearly all occasions too.
Gone are the days when ethnic clothing could only be worn for traditional days and festivities— today you can rock a kurta suit, a saree, and other ethnic wear to offices, meetings, and casual get-togethers.
  1. They make you feel connected to your roots
Now this one’s a heart-tugger. By wearing your Amma or Ammi’s sarees and kurtas; or even wearing your own for that matter; you unwittingly show up for your culture and your roots.
While no one is asking you to #represent every single day, it does matter when you do decide to wear ethnic clothes. There’s a sense of belonging and comfort that comes with proudly donning the garbs that your forefathers (and mothers) endorsed, that just can't be substituted by the latest fast fashion trend.
So consider our article as your cue to shower some love on your ethnic clothes. And if you feel your wardrobe is lacking, you know just where to shop for Indian ethnic wear in UAE ;)
August 22, 2022 — Karthik Baggam