Indian Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Indian Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

So, you've been invited to a wedding. An Indian wedding. But you don’t quite know what to wear because between knowing where you stand with the invitee and what event you are attending, it can get confusing to know which apparel is the most appropriate!

Worry not, we are here to help you with just that. Let’s begin!

As stated above, you want to select your outfit based on:

✔ Your closeness to the invitee
✔ The ceremony
✔ The time of the day

This may seem like a very methodological approach, but you’ll understand in a bit, just why: Here’s the thing, your closeness to the invitee determines how much you want to (and should) dress up or dress down, and therein, splurge 😋

The ceremony heavily affects your pick because there are activities that you can and can’t do depending on the outfit — so the choice has to be wise.

And lastly, the time of the day calls for the variance in color or embellishments. Pastels and lighter tones are best reserved for the day, while the reverse is said to work better for the nights!

To make your outfit selection process easier here are our top picks of what can be worn to Desi weddings as a guest:
  1. Lehenga for wedding:

    If you are invited to a Desi Wedding, i.e. the main event, a Lehenga should be your first choice, followed by closely by a Saree.

    This is because Lehengas have a sense of opulence and charm, and are the desi answers to a ball gown!

    Wear yours with the right hairdo, dupatta, and accessories, and you’ll be sure to shine bright at the wedding.

  2. Sarees:

    We lied. This garb too can be your number-one choice if you are a sucker for timeless elegance and #desi representation. And if you know your way around one 😋

    There are so many new saree styles and prints now in the market that you can explore to see what works for you most! Saree works beautifully for morning events as well as evening parties, just keep a few safety pins handy.

  3. Dresses:

    If you the desis you want to impress, then desi dresses you must wear!

    This crossover of a (largely) western wear silhouette with ethnic prints and designs works quite well for breezy events like the Sangeet party or Mehendi ceremony, where comfort is just as important as serving looks.

    Knee-length, off-shoulder, A-line, and Maxi dresses are some of the styles you can consider experimenting with.

  4. Kurtis:

    A wardrobe staple for every desi woman, Kurtis serves function and fashion, both!

    When worn in dressier styles like Anarkali and Angrakha or intricate designs and patterns like Chikankari or heavy embroidery, Kurtis can work wonders to help you slay any of the aforementioned ‘lighter’ events.

    What’s left is completing your look with the right accessories and wowing everyone!

  5. Kurta Sets:

    Complement your Kurti with the correct ethnic bottom wear of your liking and watch your look come together beautifully. Whether with a pair of leggings, palazzos, straight-fit trousers, salwar, sharara pants, or dhoti pants; Kurtis paired well with the right bottom wear and dupatta win major fashion points!

    Though ideally reserved for lighter events, you can also opt for a pretty embroidered or embellished suit set for relations not so close.

That’s all! This round-up should help you give ideas about how to dress up for the Indian wedding you’re invited to. And for more inspiration, you can check out our ethnic collection! 😊

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