So, there’s a special cultural event around the corner and you’re short on time. The idea of visiting a store and trying on different outfits has lost its charm, or maybe it is just too cumbersome for your busy lifestyle…


Whatever the reason, you just can’t find yourself walking to the nearest store for your latest ethnic buy!

 And while you find yourself fiddling with the idea of buying clothes online, the horror stories from your friends and family or your past experiences,  stop you short!

 Well then…what do you do? You keep reading our blog for tips to follow when buying ethnic wear online 😉

Let’s go—

  1. The occasion:
    Now now, a very important thing to consider when looking for ethnic wear online is– What are you buying the outfit for?

    Your cousin’s wedding? A small get-together? Maybe a pooja? What??

    This is because different occasions call for different outfits. A wedding means a saree or a lehenga, but nothing less. Okay, maybe a gown too, or a kurta if you aren't that close :P

    But you get the point— the occasion decides the outfit and not the other way around.

  2. Season of the year, time of day:

    A continuation of the previous point, you must be mindful of the time of the day and the year you're wearing your desired outfit. Ethnic wear can sometimes be super heavy, as is the case with certain lehengas, sarees and certain kurta types; or super breezy— it all depends upon the fabric they’ve been made with!

    Any additional work they’ve been incorporated with, can also weigh down your outfit or keep it light.  This would come in the form of embroidery or embellishments like Zari work on Silk clothes, or Gota work etc.

    For the uninitiated, fabrics like Cotton, Linen and Khadi work best for summer ethnic wear, while fabrics such as Mashru Silk, Banarasi, and Pashmina are best reserved for the cold months, i.e: NOW.

  3. Sale season:

    Stating the obvious here, but Sale Seasons really are the best time to make the purchase you’ve been eyeing. Nothing says frugal and earns brownie points with your desi parents more than buying things cheap-ish.

    Rule of thumb? Keep an eye out for EOSS, year-end sales, sales before a major festival, etc, and you should be able to save yourself some big bucks!

  4. Your size, fit, shape and color:

    While we strongly recommend exploring all kinds of clothes and styles to find what works for you, it is just as true that certain clothes, colors and cuts, fit you like a glove and make you stand out like a 🌟

    A little oxymoronic here, but only experimenting will let you know what works best for you!

    Like a shorter woman may drown in a floor-length Anarkali dress, but might look killer in a midi-length one! Similarly, certain colors may make one look dull, but some others just might make you go oo-la-la!

  5. The rates, ratings and reviews:

    Many times you’ll find the same or similar products available at different prices on different sites. Like any good juggadu Desi, we urge you to compare and contrast before hitting that buy button!

    Also, be mindful of the return policy, and the quality of the material. Not all cheap clothes are good quality, or bad for that matter. And not all expensive clothes are poor quality OR high quality either. It’s..a miny gamble, we won’t lie, but you have the option of checking reviews and ratings for that #extra security! 

Lastly, buy from a reputed site. We cannot stress this enough. Because a good site will have clothes that you can be sure of, in terms of...well everything!

They will host good brands that will not only ensure your style game is always on top, but will also have an easy returns/exchange policy. If you don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place, for we have the latest in ethnic wear for all your fashion fancies 😊

November 16, 2022 — Karthik Baggam

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