What Should I Look For Before Buying A Kurta Online?

What Should I Look For Before Buying A Kurta Online?

So, you’ve been looking forward to expanding your Desi wardrobe and think to yourself, ‘Hmm. where do I begin?’. Then the answer dawns on you, you could just start with the wardrobe staple, the Kurtis!

Perfect for almost every other occasion, a good Kurti is a Desi girl’s fashion bestie. Before you scurry off to buy Kurtis online, here are tips you may want to consider to maximize your chances of slaying and get a great return on your money.

Here we go:


  • Trends:

    This is toh basic only. But we just want to reiterate this as our first point, lest the style goddess in you forgets. Okay then, trends.

    Everybody has a preference when it comes to their clothing. They may not know it, but they do.

    If you’re the kind who knows what you like, skip right over to the next point! If you aren’t, well we are here to open your mind to the fashion possibilities and get you experimenting with your clothing; starting with Kurtis!

    To know what’s trending you don't have to go to an app and create fancy-shmancy mood boards! No ma’am, you just have to keep an eye out for, well... what everyone around you is wearing. To help you get started here are some of the trending styles right now:

    Long Kurtis, Chikankari, Anarkali, Angarakha, Kurtis with mirror work, strappy tops etc.
  • Fitting:

    When was the last time you measured yourself? No really, when was the last time you took some time out to see where and how your body has changed—or not— because you might be surprised by you what you’ll find.

    This isn’t us body-shaming anyone, rather this is us informing our readers that things such as a toned and untoned body exist. And though you may remain the same weight, your physique and shape can drastically change what would look good on you and feel comfortable for you. So factor all these things in when shopping for clothes online.

    There’s also the thing of certain clothes being fit to perfection, while others allow for more room. Case in point, a pregnant woman may still be able to wear an Anarkali as a non-pregnant woman, owing to the gher of the clothing.
  • Price & Discount:

    A good buy is all about balance! If you are buying something for everyday and casual wear, it may not be in your best interest to splurge; unless you got the big monies and want to. But we know as good Desis that splurging is best reserved for a one-off purchase or a special event.

    Most websites host the same or similar styles, with brands in the same price range, so you can compare and find out what is more important for you. A decent buy at a reasonable price, or a luxurious buy, at a costly price.

    Pro tip: look out for discounts and sales. Regardless of who you are and how much you make, everyone loves a little ✨ discount ✨
  • Fabric:

    Cotton is the best, yes. But there are fabrics too that need your love, oooor that you could look great in. Again, if you have a preference, then great. If you don’t, what’s the harm in exploring?

    Ethnic clothing originally came in organic fabrics like silk, khadi etc, but it also looks excellent in rayon, nylon, cotton mix etc.

    After you’ve decided upon your fabric of choice, think if you want a Kurti that’s unstitched, semi-stitched or readymade.
  • Return policy:

    This is your last step to a happy online Kurti shopping experience. Although ideally, you may not have to return things if you were mindful of the points above, it is human to change your mind and decide to return or exchange a product.

    In such case, it will do you good to have a) read the return policy of the website you are ordering from online or b) purchase from a reputable site where the chances of good returns policies are high. But— we still recommend you read the policy nevertheless and save yourself from the hassle of back and forth.

Lastly, if you are looking for a good place to get started, you are already there! Here.

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