The Perfect Eid Fit


Now that Eid is here, we're sure you're scrolling through different online stores to choose the best ethnic outfit for yourself (or your loved ones). And no doubt, you’ll come across abundant traditional outfits, but what to choose is the most suitable dress among them is the biggest struggle.

Here at ZQ, we’ve put together a handful of key tips to make your life easier by helping you shop for ethnic wear online!

1. Can’t go wrong with measurements!

No matter how beautiful your brand-new Eid outfit is, it’s of no use if it doesn’t fit you properly. Therefore, you must be sure of your measurements before buying any traditional dress.


You can simply check your size at home or just take assistance from any local tailor shop. Additionally, be mindful to wear comfortable and well-sized innerwear that accentuates your body's natural shape.

2. There’s a color for everyone

Eid is a festival of joy, celebration, and happiness, (and of course a lot of yummy food). The occasion calls for wearing bright colors that get all heads turning your way! Avoid mixing colors, opt for combinations of up-to 2 colors. Choosing the right color plays a key role in your overall appearance.

3.Timing is key

Timing matters when it comes to slaying a look. An outfit may look great in the daytime, but not necessarily work at night.


The reason behind this? Lighting.

We suggest playing with pastels for the day and opting for metallics and darker colors for the night.

4. Treat your feet right

No good outfit is complete without good footwear. And this is especially true in the case of ethnic wear, which need to be paired with just the right footwear to complete your look! 

A few no-fail combinations to get you started:

  • Lehenga with heels
  • Saree with heels or juttis
  • Kurta with juttis

 5. Choose the right fabric

When buying ethnic clothing, people often forget about comfort and focus solely on the looks. But for a day as engaging and celebratory as Eid, we suggest purchasing an ethnic dress that is both beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Since fabrics play a big part in deciding your comfort, it’s wise to buy ethnic outfits in natural fabrics such as Cotton, Silk, Khadi or Georgette which are easy to breathe in and move about. Conversely, you should avoid synthetic fabrics like Nylon, Satin, and Polyesters as these may not provide the best comfort. 

Now that we’ve helped you get the ball rolling, it goes without saying that you also want to find the right place to shop for your ethnic wear. Don’t worry, you’re at the right place, for ZERESOUQ offers the best ethnic wear online in UAE.


We have a wide range of exquisite traditional wear from various leading brands, such as Ada Chikan, Jaipur Kurti, Yufta, and Rustorange that cater to all body types for all occasions. With our promise of comfort and quality, you don't ever have to compromise on your love for traditional wear.


Time to get shopping, time to get slaying!

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