Where can I buy an Indian Unstitched salwar suit set in the UAE?


Buy Indian Unstitched salwar suit sets in UAE! Shop from a wide range of Punjabi, Pakistani, Indian suits, and designer cotton unstitched salwar suit sets online in the Middle East only on www.zeresouq.com.

ZERESOUQ is a reputed fashion portal with over 3000 ready-to-wear styles specializing in women’s ethnic wear. Our exclusive apparel range is modern, featuring everyday staples that combine comfort and inventive style. 

From the conception of a collection to its execution, we take pride in catering to tailored client needs through various in-house techniques. With a keen eye for the finest fabrics, ethnic prints, high quality dyes and precision sewing, we aim to curate the best outfits for you.


Stitched or Unstitched Kurti?

Both, stitched and unstitched kurtis have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice between either is purely based on one’s own preferences and lifestyle choices.

A stitched Kurti, for example, is considerably more convenient to shop as it does not imply an added cost of tailoring, is form-fitting and may provide a snugger fit as per the mentioned measurements, and generally is easier to return or exchange on zeresouq.com as compared to an unstitched garment. However, because the measurements are predefined, you may not be able to find a Kurtis in the size and cut that you desire.


On the other hand, Unstitched Kurtis are less expensive upfront but do require extensive tailoring work which may sometimes exceed the price of a stitched Kurti. However, you do get the added benefit of having a kurti exactly stitched as per your body’s measurements, giving you a far better fit than any pre-stitched garment.


Why Choose ZERESOUQ for Unstitched Kurtis?

  • Tailor it the way you want
    The biggest benefit of buying unstitched salwar suits is that they may be adjusted to fit particular preferences, needs, and body shapes. This is especially true for the salwar, a well-fitting garment designed to tastefully and attractively accentuate a woman's curves.
  • Experimentation is easier
    Another advantage of buying unstitched fabrics from ZERESOUQ is the possibility of creativity and variety. All shape and appearance features can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. You get the freedom to design the Kurti the way you like while ZERESOUQ ensures the quality of the material that you get!
  • Cost-Effective
    Unstitched kurta sets can be fairly affordable in the UAE. This might be a godsend for people looking for one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their wardrobe. ZERESOUQ materials are exquisite and affordable, and you may style them however you like.

Final Word:

ZERESOUQ aims to duplicate the in-store buying experience through an easy-to-navigate website that features an unrivaled selection of Indian fashion. We provide a significantly superior experience to many offline stores because of customer-friendly features like customization and style selection.

We are pleased to set the pace in the world of fashion and ethnic Indian apparel. We provide a high level of customization in a wide range of sizes and styles so that you can get the best custom-made clothing.

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